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This site is a collection of random documents that I've written over the past 20+ years. Many of them are technical, but some will be related to non-technical things that I happen to be interested in. I'm trying to keep them organized by topic, as you can see in the index to the left.

One of the reasons I'm putting them here is so that I know where to find them. I've found that I can't hold every little detail about everything in my brain anymore, so if I write things down, I'll be able to go back and refresh my own memory when I need to.

Another reason is that people have asked me about a lot of these topics, so having them on a web page lets me give a quick answer and include a link where they can read more information, rather than having to spend a bunch of time answering the same questions over and over again.

And if other people find the information on this site useful, then ... I'm glad I could help.


Some pages may not be complete.

The first part of how I add pages to this site is to just copy an existing Markdown file. A lot of the original files I'm copying here will contain very basic bare-bones information, enough for me to understand (usually), but possibly not useful to others. (Part of why I'm adding them here is to add the more human-friendly explanations, both for others, and for myself a year from now when I've forgotten all this.)

When I do this, my intention is to go back and add more detailed information to those pages, but I don't always remember to do it - especially if I'm in a hurry.

If you find one of these "bare bones" pages and need more information, feel free to let me know.

These are pages I'm planning to write, but haven't done so yet.

Other Sites

These are some other public web sites that I've written over the years.

  • jms1.net is my original "home page". It started off containing "everything", but over time I found that certain topics were taking enough space to justify moving them to their own sites.

  • qmail.jms1.net is my web site about Qmail. When I started using qmail I took several other patches and combined them into a single patch, and I put the patch on the jms1.net site. People started using my combined patch and asking questions about it, so I moved all of the qmail-related content to its own web site.

    Unfortunately I haven't had time to maintain the site (or the combined patch) since returning to the world of full-time employment (I was an independent contractor at the time).

  • kg4zow.us is my site about Amateur Radio (aka "ham radio"). I'm not as active on the air as I used to be, partly because I moved to a smaller city which doesn't have as many ham radio operators around, and partly because I don't have the time.

  • remarkable.jms1.info is a site I started for information about the reMarkable tablets. It's a linux-based tablet which allows SSH-as-root out of the box, I've been writing my own programs to work with them without using reMarkable's cloud service.

  • jekyll.jms1.info was my first attempt at writing this site. As the name suggests, I was using Jekyll to manage the content, but in 2024-06 I decided to re-do the entire site using mdbook, since I'm a lot more familiar with it (I use it to maintain about a dozen internal web sites for $DAYJOB), and because it's a lot easier to install, configure, and update on a new workstation.


The best way to reach me is to email jms1@jms1.net. If your message bounces (my server does some pretty aggressive spam-blocking), change net to me - that will also reach me, but it works through Apple's servers.

If you need an immediate response for some reason, or if you've found a problem with the information on this site, you can use Keybase chat. My username there is jms1.

⚠️ This is not an offer to provide free consulting services.

My idea of what constitutes an emergency is probably not the same as yours. For example, if your mail server is down, that almost certainly doesn't affect me at all, unless you're offering to pay me for my time.

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